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New Jersey Home Inspection

About the House is a home inspection company serving the Northern New Jersey areas. 

New Jersey Home Inspections, conducted by Darren Miller from About The House, is your assurance of quality, integrity & professionalism. Darren is licensed & certified to conduct New Jersey home inspections, radon testing & wood destroying insect inspections. Serving all of Northern New Jersey, Bergen, Essex, Morris, Somerset, Union, Sussex, Warren & Hunterdon Counties, our goal is to provide you with the best possible home inspection available. Darren, considered to be among the elite of New Jersey licensed home inspectors, will promise you his best effort at conducting your home inspection. Darren gets about 70% of his inspections from past clients; he knows a satisfied client is the best sales force for future business.

You will not get a more thorough home inspection or a more detailed report anywhere.

Darren understands that purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions & investments you will make. Our typical client is someone who doesn't mind paying more for a high quality service, as long as they get what they pay for. They want to know their home inside and out, and we have built our reputation on living up to this expectation for nearly 14 years.

Saving money on a home inspection

Hiring Darren, an experienced, qualified and certified New Jersey Home Inspector to carefully review the house and it’s components is essential to convey the conditions of the house. I strongly recommend the buyer attend the home inspection, I will then be able to ‘show & tell’ about the homes components. A well written report is also needed; here is a classic example of a very poor excuse of a report Bad Report.

This 'report' tells you nothing about the house; many pages have 'filler' materials just so the 'report' is 15 pages. DO NOT ACCEPT this type of a report! '

Darren Miller, New Jersey Home Inspectors License #24GI00019700, is a certified NJ UCC Building Inspector ICS (NJ DCA) # 009387 and is a certified Credentialed Wood Destroying Insect inspector #214. A home inspection conducted by About The House, using the New Jersey State Home Inspection & ASHI standards of practice will give you a clear cut, un-biased view of the house. This information will allow you to make a decision based on information rather than guess work.

Darren’s report tells it like it is, if it’s broke, the report says so; if it’s a safety issue, the report says so. While other home inspection companies claim they are “fair” to the house or are “non-alarmist”, what they’re really saying is their report may not really reflect the conditions they see. They are ensuring their next referral from your agent. My feelings are simple, I didn’t build it, I didn’t fix it, I’m just reporting what I see. When choosing a New Jersey licensed & certified home inspector….”About the House” is the only information you need.

Here is the latest from the NJDEP radon division.

Federal Pacific Electric "Stab-Loc" Panels

Federal Pacific Electric was a Newark New Jersey based manufacture of electrical panels. Their panels (commonly known as FPE ‘Stab-Loc’) were installed in many area homes between early 1970 & mid 1980. Some entire developments, including apartments & townhouses were built with these panels.

There are numerous problems associated with the ‘Stab-Loc’ panel, the most prevalent being the breakers are not reliable (they do not trip) when overloaded. A breaker is designed to turn the power off in case an overload occurs; this is the main safety feature of the ‘breaker’. If a breaker fails to trip in an overloaded situation, the most likely result is a fire.

Other problems include the fact that breakers have on occasion fallen out when the front cover was removed (due to it’s design, it is difficult to remove the cover without tripping several breakers). Several models have a spring mounted bus bar; this design has since been prohibited.

The breakers can be in the “down” position and still be on; this has been prohibited since 1984.

A class action lawsuit in New Jersey determined the following… “The Court has already determined that Federal Pacific violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. The violation occurred because FPE cheated during its testing of circuit breakers in order to obtain Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval.”

The bottom line is simple; if your home currently has A FPE "Stab-Loc", replace it for the safety of you & your family!

CPSC Summary

Dr. Aronstein's article on FPE breakers and panels

Dan Friedman’s web side

NJ Class Action

We specialize in new construction; from phase inspections to just a final inspection, we are there to help you along! So, your newly constructed house doesn't need a home inspection? Read this New Home Inspection Nightmare or this New home inspection; Waste, Fraud, Abuse first.

For a Professional Engineer in Morris County James Guider & Associates

The following are items that you wouldn't think to check when owning a house but we see incorrect every day:

Siding inspection:

There are many types of exterior sidings, from bricks to stucco. I see the same problems with all types of exterior covering, here are just a few types of exterior coverings & what you should look for. Bricks: As per NJ IRC R703.7.5 & R703.7.6, brick veener should be installed with weep holes and flashing at many different locations. At the base (just above grade level), under all windows, above most windows and doors. Flashing & weep holes remove any water that penetrated the brick. Without weep holes, any water that gets behind the brick has no way to get out; wood rot & mold is the result. See BIA for additional information.

Vinyl siding- The Vinyl Siding Institute has developed what is known as the industry standard to manufacture & installing vinyl siding. The 2 biggest problems with vinyl siding is not installing the proper flashing & not allowing for movement of the siding. Most flashing cannot be seen (installed before the siding); the only way you find out it's wrong is when leakage occurs. The siding can be nailed too tight (vinyl siding should be "hung", not secured) and most installers or homeowners will caulk the thru wall penetrations at the siding; caulking should be applied where the penetration meets the SHEATHING! The most common problem wood, vinyl & aluminum siding is it's too low to the ground. This is a result of poor planning during construction or years of building up top-soil or mulch. If the ground is in contact with wood, vinyl or aluminum siding, it's a condition conducive to wood rot (sheathing and/or sill plate) and wood destroying pest infestation.

Let's be honest, you probably don't know about these things. That's where I come in; Hiring me to conduct a home inspection, even if you have lived in your current house for years, is a good idea just so you at least know what needs repairs, replacement or just plain maintenance.

Here are several 'tricks' other home inspectors conduct:

Some have the homeowner mail in the radon canister (against the rules) (I use monitors, if someone touches it, it shows a 'tilt').

When inspecting a roof, some state in their report, and I quote "The accepted standard is visual observation with binoculars." My question is, who accepted this standard, Not ME!

Believe me, there are plenty of really good inspectors in NJ, your job is to find us. The Great State of New Jersey has just made it more difficult for you to chose a qualified inspector. Instead of raising the bar, making it tougher, they actually lowered the standards to become licensed. They don't care about protecting the interest of the consumer, all they want is more MONEY! Make sure your home inspector is qualified, ask them how long they have been in business, how much training and education they have. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!

Calling 973-252-1160 insures you of quality results. Remember..."It's all....About The House"


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